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> So "electoral method" is the most specific, but the rarest. "Electoral

> system" is the winner in academic literature, but even there is not exactly

> what we mean. "Voting method" is reasonably good in google, but is crappy

> from an academic point of view.


> This is not exactly clear-cut, but I think that of these, "voting method"

> is what we should be using. The competing academic meaning is obviously

> distinct and not confusable, unlike with the tough calls of "electoral

> system". The search frequency of "voting" is higher than any of the other

> modifier terms. And the system/method distinction makes sense to me, while

> I am not clear on how I would explain a "voting/election/electoral"

> distinction.




> 2017-02-10 10:53 GMT-05:00 Warren D Smith <warren.wds at gmail.com>:


>> "election method".


i actually like "election method" over "voting method".  i think the former might be more descriptive and the latter sounds like something that only happens in the voting booth.  "voting method" almost sounds like "voting strategy" or
"voting tactic", e.g. bullet voting or compromising.
but "voting system" sounds like paperless machine vs. paper vs. punch card vs optical scan vs. anonymous vs. public town hall.
Approval, Score, Plurality (with or without Runoff), STV, Borda, Bucklin, Schulze,
Ranked Pairs, MinMax are all election methods.
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