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Tue Feb 7 20:03:11 PST 2017

On 2/7/2017 4:03 PM, Monkey Puzzle wrote:
> I've actually become more optimistic recently.  I think the 
> opportunity for reform is actually brighter now than it would have 
> been had Trump lost.

Just after the election I too was hopeful.

However I have lost that optimism as a result of seeing that most voters 
have become distracted by other, less-important, election issues, such 
as voter suppression, "fake news," Russian hacking, gerrymandering, 
electoral college votes, cabinet-member choices, etc.

Compared to those issues, banning single-mark ballots would have far 
more success.  Alas, we have not been able to get that concept across.

I was also optimistic that Canada would follow through on the prime 
minister's promise to abandon "first-past-the-post," but that has ended 
with no reform because election-method reformers cannot agree on what to 
replace FPTP with.

As I said earlier, now my focus is on planning videos that are both more 
entertaining and easier to understand compared to the books and articles 
I've written.

Richard Fobes

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