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Would you be able to illustrate this with an example?


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The Kemeny election method finds the rank order thatminimizes the average Kemeny tau distance between it and each ballot’sranking.  I believe this can be made cloneindependent by instead of minimizing the Kemeny tau distance, minimizing thefollowing distance:Define a swap as the swapping of candidates ranked n to n+kwith candidates ranked n +k +1 to n+k+1+m so that the order would now be  n – 2, n-1, n+k+1, n+ k+2, ….n+k+1+m, n, n+1,n+2, … n+k, n+k+1+m+1, …Both k and m can be any non negative integers.  They are restricted to 0 for the Kemeny tau distance.  

The distance between two rankings is the minimum number ofswaps needed to turn one into the other. 
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