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> Another point that Robert Bristow-Johnson points out: vote trading of

> any kind is illegal.
no it's not.   not in every situation and it's different in different states.  but Vermont required the registering voter to take a "Freeman's Oath" that seems to say that your vote is not placed as a favor to any other person.
i imagine that
vote buying and selling (for cash) is illegal everywhere.  this is one reason that, in Vermont, it is illegal for anyone to photograph someone's ballot.  even if the voter wishes to disclose, it is illegal to "prove" your vote to anyone else.  it must be kept secret.
 this is so that if anyone *does* offer a consideration (like money or a political spoils like a city job) for your vote, there is no way for that person to be able to verify that you delivered on his purchase.
> I recall that vote-swapping sites were shut down
> after they popped up in the Gore-Nader-Bush election.
no they weren't.
> (I don't remember

> if it was the Supreme Court who made that decision.) I think that if

> your site got to be too popular, it would be shut down as illegal.
nope.  there was some controversy and there were several sites, but i don't recall that they were shut down.

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