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If course breaking cycles isn't the only approach to finding the right
winner. But it's the basis of MAM & CSSD, &, in general, the methods that
look only at pairwise defeats, & disregard defeats to make someone

So I brought it up in connection with the comparison between MAM & Beatpath.

Cycle-breaking methods aren't among my favorite proposals.

3-Slot ICT
Plain MMPO

Michael Ossipoff
On Oct 9, 2016 12:56 PM, "Juho Laatu" <juho.laatu at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 09 Oct 2016, at 21:32, Michael Ossipoff <email9648742 at gmail.com> wrote:
> We want to disregard as few defeats as possible. Plainly, if it's
> necessary to disregard one of the defeats in a cycle, then it should be the
> weakest one.
> I almost agree with that but not quite. When picking the winner, the
> target is not to make the group opinion a linear opinion (where cycles have
> been broken, and some pairwise defeats disregarded). The idea is rather to
> accept the fact that group opinions may sometimes be cyclic, and identify a
> single best winner despite of that. One needs to identify one winner, but
> there is no need to break cycles of make the group opinion linear.
> It is a fact that if there is no Condorcet winner, there is some candidate
> that would beat the winner in a pairwise comparison. But that's about as
> far as we need to go in the direction of disregarding defeats.
> Some methods may well be based on a philosophy that is based on breaking
> cycles, but others need not do that. One simple example could be one that
> resorts to Approval if there is no Condorcet winner. That method quite
> clearly makes some sense, but doesn't break any cycles, or at least doesn't
> care about the preference strengths of the cycles, or the pairwise losses
> of the winner.
> Just trying to be very exact on what the single winner methods are
> supposed to do.
> BR, Juho
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