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Forest Simmons fsimmons at pcc.edu
Thu Oct 6 13:47:57 PDT 2016

Jameson wrote ...

> MAS is good at dealing with a vote-splitting situation ("chicken dilemma",
> so called because in many voting systems it can work like a game of chicken
> between the two majority subfactions). Say that one "side" of voters have
> 55%, but there are two candidates on that side splitting the vote and only
> one on the other side. In this case, assuming voters on either side
> downvote the candidates on the other side, the 45% candidate will be
> eliminated by downvotes, and whichever subfaction of the majority has more
> supporters will win.

It seems to me that the smaller of the two majority subfactions could still
down vote the other majority subfaction so that only the defecting
subfaction would not be eliminated
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