[EM] The influence of each voter is what matters

Sennet Williams sennetwilliams at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 28 20:25:44 PST 2016

The fact that some states now allow overseas military (only)  to use IRV will cause rational politicians to change their campaigns.   Candidates will make more effort to recruit military voters than non-military the GI's ballot will be more likely to be counted in the end.  That is why it is illegal to give some people better voting rights than others.  
   This is also why it would be irrational for individual states to change to PR to allocate electoral college "votes."   Candidates would practically ignore states that used PR so that they could focus on states where all the electors are at stake.   Regardless of how much effort/money they spent on each state, probably only 10-20%(?) of voters would switch their vote.  That is enough to win all the electors from the other states, but only 10-20% more of the electors in the PR states.  
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