[EM] APR complements Practical Democracy (PD) best (Steve Bosworth)

Fred Gohlke fredgohlke at verizon.net
Wed Feb 3 07:16:39 PST 2016

Good Morning, Steve Bosworth

Thank you for your supportive thoughts on the PD concept (although, if 
you can forgive me for saying so, editing the file to make it legible 
was a major chore).

It may be that we can merge our efforts, but I think we should proceed 
slowly.  We need to find out if we agree on some basic issues.  For 
example, I'm very concerned about the manipulative influence of the 
media on people with little or no interest in politics but who make up 
an important part of the electorate.  May I ask how APR minimizes the 
adverse effects of this phenomenon?

Fred Gohlke

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