[EM] : UK 'post mortem', Steve's 1st dialogue with Alexander Praetorius

Fred Gohlke fredgohlke at verizon.net
Sun Jun 28 14:07:49 PDT 2015

Good Afternoon, Steve

I cannot access your article.  My computer has no idea what a ".obj" 
file is.  However, don't sweat it.  It may not matter.

re: I do not think 'certainty' on such matters can be expected.

That is not responsive.  My question was: "How would I know, with any 
degree of certainty, the aims of the organizations?".  In other words, 
what mechanism are you providing that will give me genuine insight into 
"the aims of the organizations".  The question does not ask for 
certainty, it simply asks how I (or any other lay citizen) would know - 
with *any* degree of certainty - the aims of the organizations.

What troubles me even more is the suggestion that the people should not 
expect to have any level level of certainty about the organizations they 
support with their votes.  In my opinion, anyone who votes for a 
candidate put forth by an organization without knowing, with some degree 
of certainty, the aims of the organization, is a fool.

One of the curses of party politics is the deceit, misdirection and 
obfuscation that engulf the voters.  An electoral process that ignores 
that reality will not improve democracy.

Should you choose to respond to this post, please do not send my 
comments back to me.  I already have them and do not enjoy going through 
them again, in case you inserted a comment.

Fred Gohlke

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