[EM] UK electoral systems "post mortem" discussion on radio

Gervase Lam gervase at madasafish.com
Tue Jun 9 13:47:53 PDT 2015

A few weeks back, I heard on the radio a reasonable discussion about the
chances of electoral reform in the UK.  It sounded like one of the
panellists in the discussion knew of the various ("complicated") PR
systems more than the average person.

In any case, only glancing mentions were made about other electoral
systems.  The panellist knew the target audience.  I think this is
understandable given that the target audience really want good results,
not a "technical" system.

Anyway, the link for the broadcast in question is below.


It starts around 2h08m at lasts just over 25 minutes with musical
breaks.  It ends with a brief discussion about maybe having politicians
being homeless people!

There's under 40 hours to listen to it as of writing this.

Sorry for the late notice for this.  I've been meaning to send this much
much earlier.  However, it was more difficult to track down than I
thought (I was searching wrong radio station until today!) plus I had
other things to attend to.  Better late than never...?


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