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Hi Kris,  Thanks for your questions.

On Wed, Oct 1, 2014 at 2:33 PM, Kristofer Munsterhjelm <km_elmet at t-
> What do you think of methods like Schulze STV that use a Condorcet-like
> setup to consider all candidate combinations and thus avoid the path
> dependence of the eliminations?

They sound good to me if they avoid the path dependence of
eliminations and  give Condorcet winners.

> How about this?
> 51: ABCD
> 49: EFGH
> Four to elect.
> Consider first a proportional outcome, ABEF. This would give:
> 51: ABCD 2/4
> 49: EFGH 2/4
> = 50.

Using the method I suggested for summing voters' representation, for
ABEF you would get

51/2 + 49/2 so, yes, 50.

> Then consider the extremely majoritarian outcome ABCD:
> 51: ABCD 4/4
> 49: EFGH 0
> = 51, so this has a greater score. But that's not proportional!

Yikes.  You're right!  The method I suggested does *not* work for
proportionality. Toby's method of minimizing the variance works better
I'm sure.  I would like to find something simpler, though, if

> PAV (proportional approval voting) is an example of such a rule: it gives a
> voter 1 point for the first candidate both on the council and the voter's
> approval ballot, 1/2 additional points for the second, 1/3 for the third and
> so on (reducing to D'Hondt in a party list situation). Then it chooses
> winners so that the sum of points is maximized. There's also birational
> voting, which is similar but with a different penalty function; if I recall
> correctly, birational did better than PAV according to my tests (
> https://www.mail-archive.com/election-methods@lists.electorama.com/msg05937.html
> ).
> It would be an interesting mathematical puzzle to determine such a penalty
> function so that various desirable properties are satisfied.

Yes. I like that method also.

Thanks for this.


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