[EM] Preferential Party-List Proportional Representation (PPLPR)

Vidar Wahlberg canidae at exent.net
Thu Nov 6 01:26:24 PST 2014

On Fri, Oct 31, 2014 at 10:52:06PM +0100, Vidar Wahlberg wrote:

I'm curious, there seems to be very little interest for party-list
systems on this mailing list.
When it comes to governments, party-list is quite common in the more
successful democracies. Still, even party-list systems tend to lead to
2-3 parties being the dominating and practically unchallengeable forces.
The "wasted vote" mentality is still around in party-list democracies,
and parties that are liked by most, but not as their first preference,
will not gain much influence.
I find little research done on improving party-list systems, and I find
it unlikely that existing party-list systems would abandon party-list in
favour of directly voting for candidates.

So why doesn't this gain more attention?

Vidar Wahlberg

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