[EM] Condorcet methods - should the cycle order always determine the result order?

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Hi Toby,

Especially with more than three candidates I think it is unclear how to define second or third place under Schulze. Are you removing the winner and recalculating?

River's "ranking" can fail to order two candidates, despite there being a pairwise winner between them.

I would say the only reason Ranked Pairs appears to indicate a ranking is that the only way we know how to find the RP winner is to construct this ranking. In other words, if you somehow find another method of calculating the RP winner, which doesn't involve constructing the full ranking, then it would be unclear to me that RP says anything about second or third place.

Kevin Venzke

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Objet : [EM] Condorcet methods - should the cycle order always determine	the result order?

In a lot of the more preferred Condorcet methods (e.g. I think all of Schulze, Ranked Pairs, River, Kemeny), if you have, for example, an A>B>C>A cycle, then if, say, A wins then B will automatically finish second and C third (if B wins, C will be second etc.). But you could have a similar number of A>B>C, B>C>A and C>A>B ballots but then also a lot of A>C>B ballots, meaning that in some sense C looks better than B. But as long as this doesn't break the cycle and A wins, then B will still finish second. I think the following example does it:

11: A>B>C
10: B>C>A
10: C>A>B
8: A>C>B

A beats B 29:10
C beats A 20:19
B beats C 21:18

I'm not saying these methods are wrong for doing this, but there is an intuitive sense in which C is arguably a better choice than B. So is it:

1. There is a reasonable Condorcet method that would rank them A>C>B
2. The intuition that C should finish ahead of B is poorly thought out.
3. It is in a sense reasonable to think that C should finish ahead of B, but doing so would cause a method to fail certain criteria and end up worse as a result.
4. Other?
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