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Losers - Vote Transfer Lists 30 May 2014

Due to poor handwriting / printing of lots of folks and the inability of 
lots of folks to correctly do a simple circle matrix -- fill in 1 circle in 
each column - multiple columns (espec. 4 or more columns) -- 

pending utopian *foolproof* voting machines (but noting the ALL paper 
ballots by mail in Oregon) --

it may obviously be necessary to have candidates have rank order lists for 
losers to move votes to later winners.
-- i.e. both Number Votes and YES/NO on choices.

Lists would be made public by a deadline date before the election involved.

Sample - Candidate AB Vote Transfer List 
1. CD   YES
2   EF   YES
3. GH   NO
4   IJ   NO
5. KL   NO

An option would be for a candidate to have perhaps a max of 3 second 
choices listed on ballots.

Example- Voter’s Ballot -

Legislative body name 
-- Vote in 1 box ONLY
1st - 2nd
AB - CD   YES [box]
AB - EF   YES [box]
AB - GH   NO [box]

If AB loses, then the votes for AB would be moved to the highest candidate 
remaining on the AB list.

Example - the AB-GH NO votes would be deemed 1st on the above 5 rank order 
list - others in rank order - on the voter ballots involved.

Coalition candidates would be required to file their lists together to 
avoid last second stab-in-the-back rank order machinations.
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