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Left-Middle-Right Example
The Middle is very divided.

34 LMR
33 RML
16 MLR
16 MRL

M is the Condorcet Winner.
66 M > 34 L
67 M > 33 R
R is a Condorcet Loser.
50 L > 49 R
67 M > 33 R
Divided Majority
34 LMR
16 MLR
Divided Minority
33 RML
16 MRL

The LMR example affects both legislative body elections (LBE) (elect 2 or 
more in an area) and executive / judicial officer elections (EJOE) (elect 1 
or more in an area).

Namely, ONLY the voters in a party group should be choosing the legislators 
from such group in LBE -- BUT ALL voters should be choosing the E/J 

Namely -- it should be required that a voter uses Number Votes to rank 
parties in LBE -- i.e. to get party coalition votes for Droop Quotas (DQ) -- in 
addition to individual candidates.

-- along with YES votes for approved parties and individual candidates.

IF a party gets a YES Droop Quota, then only the YES party ballots involved 
should be looked at to determine which party candidates get elected and 
their final voting powers in the legislative body.

EJOE elections should be totally NON-partisan -- Sorry NO more partisan 
elections of Stalin L Type and Hitler R Type wannabee tyrants 
- i.e. NO legislative powers in ANY executive / judicial officer -- i.e. NO 
vetoes of LAWS by any such officers.

Thus - 
1. Condorcet Winner(s)
2. Condorcet Loser(s)
3. N-1 place vote columns YES votes as tiebreaker(s).   [WITHIN each party 
group there might be a LMR situation in LBE ].

In LBE, the highest fractions of a DQ should get the marginal seats -- with 
all loser votes moved to a winner so that ALL voters are represented in the 
legislative body via the voting powers of the elected legislators.
Updated LBE --
IF there is somehow 100 percent security for *secret* votes, then there can 
be updated voting powers in legislative bodies between regular elections --
Add --
New young Voters
Moved in Voters
Subtract --
Dead Voters
Moved out Voters
Vote changes -- i.e. NOT happy with the incumbent votes (about wars, taxes, 
spending, whatever) who got your proxy vote ??? -- then move your proxy 
vote to another legislator. Perhaps add a legislator who gets a new Droop Quota 
or even 1/2 DQ in the area involved.

I suggest at least 5 (repeat 5) legislators be elected per district with 
variable voting powers -- i.e. they are the proxy agents of the 

THE problem in the USA since 4 July 1776 is the ANTI-Democracy minority 
rule gerrymanders with powermad UN-representative legislators (in 1 party safe 
seat gerrymander districts) -- in the Congress, ALL State legislatures and 
many local legislative bodies.
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