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Reverse NO columns

IF Number Votes are to be deemed YES in a table, then there should be a 
reverse columns NO table -- esp. for checking math purposes.

YES [left to right]
26 AB
25 BA
49 Z

NO [right to left]
26 Z
25 Z
49 A+B

Z should obviously lose.

Should A then beat B ???
---- 26 to 25 (assuming none of the Z voters vote for the lesser evils of A 
or B -- noting the 51 A/B majority group.
Which brings up --
Should voters be required to put a Number Vote on ALL choices - both YES 
and NO ???

Thus YES votes left of *, NO votes right of *
26 AB*Z
25 BA*Z
30 Z*BA
19 Z*AB

Thus - does 26 A YES (+19 NO) beat 25 B YES (+30 NO) ???

Noting again that some of the Z minority voters may vote YES on A or B.
Which brings up -- whether a NO minority should be able to determine the 
lesser of its perceived evils in the YES majority ???

i.e. Should B 55 (YES+NO) beat A 45 (YES+NO) ???
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