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Wed May 21 09:59:16 PDT 2014

Most of the examples on this list are truncated --
which is improper/misleading -- due to the more general case.

Single office
5 choices example

ALL voters approve of ALL 5 choices.
No Condorcet Winner.   NO Condorcet Loser(s).
Thus - 5 columns
possible 5x4x3x2x1 = 120 rows.
i.e. possible 5 x 120 = 600 cells.

Should the tiebreaker for the 1st loser be the LEAST YES votes in columns 
-- i.e. the MOST YES votes in column 5 ???
Remove loser in all rows.
Shift votes left.
Check for possible Condorcet Winners and Loser(s).
Repeat, if necessary.

Note possible symmetry math -- esp. for possible Condorcet Loser(s).
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