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Thu May 8 11:58:05 PDT 2014

proposed once with
Forest. Example: A > B > C = D > E | F > G ? H  can represent
preferences (>),
equal preferences (=), approval cut-off (|) and "don't know, don't care"
opinions (?).
I am more interested in multiple winner methods. First I tried to show
how to generalize
single winner methods to produce proportional residual approval weights.
Then, I
used that extension of IRV to produce an electoral system proportional
(with no quota),
preferential, with no geographical bias and with a stability garantee:
my pet system SPPA.

I fight to get governements use a leadership run method to elect their
electoral system (near
what British-Columbia is doing now...)

I am impressed with the number of languages spoken by Olli, and used to
some EM members
childlike behaviors from which I do not read all mails (their loss).
I hope everyone gets results in their country and hope you have fun,

Stéphane Rouillon.

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