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Thu May 8 11:58:05 PDT 2014

or third choice, assuming the candidates within the same list manage to border
on being clones.  That may be an unsafe assumption.

In my "Approval failing Majority in a likely way" post, for instance, I had
B and C holding a majority, but possibly losing the (Approval) race to A.
With this "List Approval," B and C could run on the same list, and the voter
could support B over C as well as {B,C} over {A}.

A question I have is, what would keep candidates from "listing" with candidates
who have nothing in common with them?  The effect of "listing" with someone else
is that the odds of either of you winning increase.  So perhaps candidates
would "list" with any but the most polar opposite candidates.  But even with
the polar opposite candidates, if they don't actually have a shot at winning,
having them along could gain a few more votes for your list.

What do you think?

Kevin Venzke
stepjak at


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