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Thu May 8 11:58:05 PDT 2014

strategy suggestion that involves an estimate of how many people are using 
optimal or randomized or "weak optimal" strategy. If you have such an 
Approval strategy, perhaps you'd be willing to share it with us.

Bill continued:

If any significant portion of the voters deviate from their optimal
strategies, then the optimal strategy CHANGES for those trying to follow
their own optimal strategies.  This is an important point, because it
completely destroys the equivalence between AV and CR.

I reply:

More unsupported assertions. Bill, you're telling us how it is, but you 
don't seem to want to tell us why.

I'd said:

>Kucinich wasn't always the progressive that he's posing as now.

Bill replied:

Also, Kucinich is in favor of ending the war on drugs, which is my #2 most
important issue.  (Whatever your views on drug abuse, I think everyone
should agree that prohibition simply is not working.)

Kucinich and Dean both support IRV in particular

I reply:

I take it that you're assuming that what Democrats will do in office is the 
same as what they advocated in their election campaigns :-)

You argued that IRV will work well because 3rd parties are small. So you 
agree that the sure-loser status of parties other than the Democrats & 
Republicans is necessary to defend IRV.

Bill continued:

If Condorcet or Approval (or whatever else everyone thinks is better) had
as much popular support as IRV, I'd be singing a different tune -- but as
things stand, I think supporters of *any* alternative voting system would
be best served by letting IRV proponents pave the way.

I reply:

Thanks, but no thanks. Just what we need: Having bunglers pave the way for 

Mike Ossipoff

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