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Tue May 6 19:13:21 PDT 2014

very similar candidates such as Nader & Camejo shouldn't run against 
eachother in November, but there's no reason why they can't in our poll). I 
nominate Nader, even though he might not need nomination since it's known 
that he'll probably run.

No need to nominate Sharpton, because he's a declared candidate for the 
Democrat nomination.
He's already a candidate.

So let's have 3 days for nomination. Let's say that the deadline for 
nominations is 1200 GMT, on 12 February,  '04.

Nominations should be sent to EM.

The voting methods:

For this poll, which doesn't have to choose one winner, there's no point 
using Voter's Choice.

Though we chose Approval as the best voting system, it's advantageous to do 
the poll by a variety of methods, to demonstrate the methods, to try the 
methods out.

So let's also nominate methods. Same nomination deadline for methods: 12  
February, 1200 GMT.

Let's use every nominated method. If someone nominates a method that isn't 
feasible for anyone else to count, then of course the nominator would have 
to count it.

Let's stick with 1--balloting methods, to minimize what is asked of voters.

We'll find the winner by every nominated method. It isn't a  problem if 
different methods choose different winners. That would be instructive aboiut 
the methods.

I nominate Approval,  Ranked-Pairs, and BeatpathWinner/CSSD. Those Condorcet 
methods in their wv version.

Should we use CR? Maybe, since it's a good public proposal. But maybe not, 
because Approval makes strategic CR redundant. And it's impossible to prove 
that a CR ballot is sincere. We could ask for sincere ballots, but some 
sincere ballots will look strategic (mine would).

CR is good in public elections, but I suggest that the fact that we're using 
Approval makes it unnecessary to also use CR.

So I don't nominate CR, but that doesn't mean that someone else won't 
nominate CR, and if someone nominates it we'd use it.

My reason for not nominating other Condorcet versions is that we have 
websites that can count RP & BeatpathWinner.


I suggest that nominations for candiidates and voting systems  be posted to 
EM, and that, when we vote,  Approval votes be posted to EM.

I suggest that the interactive Condorcet websites be used for counting RP & 

Will the owners of the RP counting website and the BeatpathWinner counting 
website set up a presidential poll at their websites, and post to EM the 
instructions for voters to vote at their count websites? And of course 
re-post the URLs?

Mike Ossipoff

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