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Tue May 6 19:13:21 PDT 2014

> As for the utility of a graph of scores: such a graph has less 
> information than a pairwise matrix,  but that doesn't mean it is useless.  
> I tend to look at the various "outputs" like this:
> Full set of ballots -- all information
     But hard to manually decipher for more than a very few candidates.
> Pairwise matrix -- lots of information
     Including letting anyone compare any two candidates to see how many 
voters preferred each over the other (and how many considered neither worth 
> One score per candidate -- some information
     PROVIDED you can get in more info than ranking provides.  You can get 
in a bit more than ranking provides - you can show if #1 is liked MUCH 
better than #2 - but hard to explain how to read these scores.
> Ranking -- little information
     BUT, even in Plurality voting, ranking is often desired and often provided.
> Single winner -- least information

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