[EM] Voting X over Y could be defined with respect to the method whose voting is being discussed.

Michael Ossipoff email9648742 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 13:33:48 PST 2014

With the definitions that I've been suggesting, of voting X over Y, I've
been trying for definitions by which someone can be said to vote X over Y,
without reference to a particular voting system  (balloting and count).
That's why I proposed adding the clause "...when using any voting system
(whose balloting allows the vote that the voter is making) that is actually
used in some country's official public political elections."

If that wouldn't cover some methods, ones that use balloting unlike any
actual official public political elections, then we could leave out the
word "political". If necessary.

But of course it would be neater and cleaner to define "voting X over Y in
the particular (specified) voting system to which the definiition is
currently being appled."

I'm not saying that a specified voting system would be part of the
definition of voting X over Y. I'm saying that the definition would be
about voting X over Y in whatever voting system you want to apply the
definition to, the voting system in which takes place the specific voting
of which we're speaking..

So, instead of just a definition of voting X over Y, it would be a
definition of voting X over Y in whatever voting system the definition is
currently being applied to.

Then the definition could be used when discussing any voting system, even
one whose balloting isn't used anywhere.

Michael Ossipoff
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