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You mentioned that I spoke of maybe limiting CD to 3 candidates. You spoke
of possible non-comply-able-ness if C were replaced with a C clone-set {C1,

I myself don't and didn't know what would be the effect of letting C be a
clone-set instead of a single candidate.

I want to say that, because the chicken dilemma has always been spoken of
in terms of only 3 candidates,and because every chicken dilemma vulnerable
method I know of fails 3-candidate CD, and because i don't know the
compliance properties of more general CDs, I now hereby define CD in terms
of only 3 candidates.

I do so largely for simplicity, and for easier compliance-determinations.

Now, when I say "CD", I'm referring to 3-candidate CD.

If A, B, &/or C is allowed, in the premise, to be replaced by a clone-set,
then I call that "CD(clone). If it's desired to refer to which candidate(s)
is/are allowed in the premise to be replaced by a clone-set, then I call
that CD(cloneA), CD(cloneA,B,C), CD(cloneA, C), ...etc.

If other candidates in addition to A, B, and C, other than just their
clones, are permitted in the premise, I call that CD(other candidates).

If both things are allowed in the premise, then I call that CD(clones,
other candidates). As before, "clones" could be followed by "A" &/or "B"
&/or "C".

CD(clones, other candidates) could be called CD(both)

All of those CDs other than 3-candidate CD, I'll collectively refer to as
CD(more general), or More General CD.

To repeat, when  say "CD", I'm referring to 3-candidate CD.

If More General CD is passed by everything that passes CD, and is failed by
everything that fails CD, then of course More General CD would serve no

If nothing can pass all or some More General CDs, then they, too, would
serve no purpose.

If a More General CD is passed by some, but not all, methods that pass CD,
then that would make it relevant and useful. Then, I'd prefer the methods
that pass it.

But I don't now anything about More General CDs' compliances. (what methods
comply with them).

Michael Ossipoff
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