[EM] The CW is alway the SU maximizer

Michael Ossipoff email9648742 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 6 19:03:55 PST 2014

...by city-block distance, which is the distance-measure that can be
justified for issue-space.

Suppose there are a number of issue-dimensions. For smplicity, say there
are an even number of voters.

Suppose that candidate C is at the voter-median. So, in each dimension,
there are equal numbers of voters each side of C.

Suppose that, in the X dimension, C moves just far enough to pass one voter
in that directon, in the X dimension.

Now, as C continues moving in that direction, s/he is moving away from more
voters than s/hes is moving toward. Therefdore, s/he is decreasing hir SU.

That would be true in any dimension.

C's initial startng point, at the voter-median, maximizes C's SU.

Michael Ossipof
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