[EM] MMPO(IA>MPO) (was IA/MMPO) correction

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> Hi Forest,
> I read your first message: At first glance I think the new method (elect the 
> MMPO winner among those candidates whose IA>=MPO) is good. It doesn't 
> seem to gain SFC, which is actually reassuring, that this might be a 
> substantially different method from others.

Actually it does satisfy SFC. That's fine too, I guess? So really, the method is a more ranking-sensitive version of MAMPO.

Suppose that SFC disqualifies B due to A. (There's an A>B majority, but no majorities over A.) That means A's IA-MPO is positive. B's IA-MPO could be positive as well. But his MPO is >50% while A's is less. So, B won't win.

Kevin Venzke

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