[EM] Properties & their justification. Conditions.

Michael Ossipoff email9648742 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 14 09:26:56 PDT 2013

 For votinig-systems, properties are really important. That should be
obvious. What else is important in choosing among voting-systems?

At such time as any voting-system may be proposed to the public, it
would obviously be necessary to tell its properties. Especiallly its
purported advantages in terms of properties. ...what properties make
it better than other methods.

The importance of that can't be overstressed.

But what's really been missing from EM discussion has been the
_justification_ of claims about the desirability of properties. You
know, that must really be the basis of voting-system comparisons.It
has to start with justifications or explanations regarding claims
about the desirability of properies. That's been missing at EM.

But it isn't the only thing that's been missing at EM (aside from good manners):

Methods are proposed and compared at EM, without any mention of the
conditions for which the methods are proposed or offered.

I've specified and defined two kinds of conditions: Current
conditions, and Green scenario. I've defined them briefly in my post
before this one, but I've defined them and explained them more
thorougly in previous posts.

That's for public political elections. For organizational elections
and polls, I've posted about other conditions-distinctiona as well.

Conditions make all the difference, regarding the need for particular propertes.

Comparison of method-merits, based on properties, and the
justification of properties' desirability, really must be based on a
specification of the conditions for which those properties are
important, and for which those methods are recommended.

These considerations have been present in my comments, discussion and

Michael Ossipoff

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