[EM] Historic opportunity in Arizona for Approval Voting

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Sun Mar 17 21:52:20 PDT 2013


Thanks for your support.

> Municipalities in Arizona have great flexibility in choosing their own
> voting systems.

I wouldn't say that municipalities have great flexibility in choosing their
own voting systems.  That's why we need this bill.

In particular, Arizona statute says if there is one winner then the ballot
verbiage must say "Vote for no more than 1".  The way I see it, they were
just trying to standardize ballot language for the state and (since all
they knew was plurality) they inadvertently restricted us to either
single-shot plurality or plurality with a plurality primary.  Since the
constitution mandates a primary, that leaves us with either segregated
primaries or jungle primaries.

(The courts have ruled that cities, if they want, can implement a rule that
avoids the runoff if someone gets a majority in the jungle primary.)

That's the only statute I know of in AZ law that prohibits approval voting.
 Though there may be others.  HB2518 expressly allows approval voting, thus
overriding any other inadvertent prohibitions.

5. The passage of this bill in the Arizona House is the best news I've seen
> *ever* as to U.S. voting systems.

Thanks.  Maybe I'm just downplaying the accomplishment here, but the way I
understand it there are already hundreds (thousands) of home rule cities
around the US that could enact approval voting with an ordinance.  We're
just trying to catch AZ up to where these "home rule" cities already are.

But it is movement, hopefully it would be momentum to go to cities and say,
"The legislature just allowed this.  You can try it."

~ Andy
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