[EM] Amateur peer-reviewed "journal" for voting methods, criteria, and compliances?

augustin augustin-em at overshoot.tv
Sun Sep 30 08:48:59 PDT 2012

On Saturday, September 29, 2012 02:04:19 Jameson Quinn 
> One subdomain of voting methods in which the
> peer-reviewed academic literature is decidedly behind
> the amateur enthusiast community (that's us) is in its
> coverage of different methods, criteria, and
> compliances. This lag is unfortunate

Hello Jameson and all,

When I first heard about this project, a few weeks ago, I 
was a bit nonplussed: "Another EM wiki?"

But the way Jameson describes it now, it makes better sense. 
Everything that enhances the profile of better EMs, make 
them more respectable vis-à-vis the academic community (and 
the policy-maker community!) can only help.

So, overall, I am in favour.

As far as debating opinions is concerned, there is already 
this mailing list and other places where everyone is free to 
debate. (A certain web site comes to mind...)
But I like the idea of A peer-reviewed "EM journal".

I am not too sure about the details of the proposal, though.  
For example, Mediawiki is a terrible software. I very much 
doubt it's adapted to the job. If it were me, I'd rather 
hack a Drupal-based web site with its own customised module. 

Do as you wish. My concerns are only details. I still very 
much support the end goals of the project.

I could provide free-hosting on my dedicated server. 



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