[EM] I don't oppose hosting of the "journal" by DC

Jameson Quinn jameson.quinn at gmail.com
Sat Sep 29 04:35:54 PDT 2012

> The thing that Jameson said that makes the least sense is that any one
> of several reviewers could, unilaterally rule that an article be
> blocked from reader-access.

I guess I haven't been clear, because you are misunderstanding here. The
wiki hosting the journal would not be censored (except to control spam).
It's just that only articles which got unanimously positive reviews would
get the extra stamp of being considered "published" in the journal.
Basically we'd be saying, we believe that these are worthy of citation.
Anybody who doesn't care about that extra stamp could still cite other
content. But there are some people and institutions which do care about
that kind of imprimatur. Like wikipedia, and many scholars.

I'm not interested in continuing to argue with you about this. I just
wanted to clear up that one point.

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