[EM] Minguo poll on which voting system should be proposed for official public elections

Michael Ossipoff email9648742 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 19:41:22 PDT 2012

This poll is a vote among 10 popularly-advocated voting system proposals.

Vote at http://minguo.info

When there, on the left, U.S., side of the screen, scroll down and select
the USA realm, and then click on "recent posts" at the screen's upper
right. The poll will be near the top of the list of recent postings.

Maybe the poll can be reached via  a "polls" link too. Maybe at the left
margin of the screen.

The poll uses 0-10 Score voting.

0-100 would have required voters to write the numbers in, and I preferred
the 0-10 graphic, which would probably also be more suitable for public

With that method, unless there's a Chicken Dilemma, one's best strategy is
presumably to max rate all of the alternatives which one would approve in
Approval, and min rate all the others.

But sometimes one isn't sure whether a candidate qualifies for Approval,
and that's one instance of when Score's fractional ratings can be useful,
even without a Chicken Dilemma.

Aside from that, the flexibility of 0-10's fractional ratings seems to
result in better expression of people's genuine preferences, and a more
generally-preferred outcome, regardless of whether strict max-or-min rating
is really strategically optimal.

Mike Ossipoff
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