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Without experiential knowledge the crazies will dominate and sure enough that is exactly what appears to be happening in the comments to the poll.

The recipe for change (IMHO of course) in the US is as follows:

1. choose the minimal change that will fix the problem.

2. create a site where people can play with the new option along side plurality.

3.  have a suite of sound bites available to fight off the mind numbingly stupid objections that will come in. Repeat them often and loud.

The only viable method is approval. I put together a site intended to allow playing with approval side by side with plurality (www.approvalvote.org) but never finished it. There are lots of others I imagine. Maybe I'll finish mine ...

Sound bites might include things like: Imagine one hundred candidates on the ballot, what is your one vote worth in that situation? I'm sure this list can come up with much better ones...

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> I know that online polls are silly. But thousands of people see them, and
> if they see that the idea actually has support, some of them will be more
> open to consider if it has merit.
> Jameson
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> Subject: [CES #4978] SodaHead Asks Readers about Approval Voting
> This is a poll that SodaHead posted. It has a bunch of comments, most of
> pretty low quality. Feel free to change that.
> Link:
> http://www.sodahead.com/united-states/should-voters-be-allowed-to-pick-multiple-candidates/question-2526939/

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