[EM] Newbie to the list here

Kevin Venzke stepjak at yahoo.fr
Mon Mar 12 18:52:50 PDT 2012

Hi Peter,

>3. I think that plurality is the worst possible of the voting systems 
>that do not involve randomness, except for antiplurality voting.
Nice, I got as far as "I think that plurality is the worst 
possible..." before thinking to myself "I have antiplurality performing
worse," and what do you know, you thought of that. And random methods
are a pretty good exception too.
>4. I have been checking in the electowiki archives once in a blue 
>moon for some time, and finally decided to subscribe.
>7. I have not seen any (not that I have looked for it all that 
>studiously) FAQ being reposted. What is the best way of knowing 
>whether a topic has been flogged to death before one posts on it 
>yet again?
Since it seems that you know about the archives I don't think there
is anything else you can consult. There is no gospel truth on this
list... We have total agreement on very little.
It would be interesting to come up with a FAQ that outlines the 
various positions people take on age old issues. But I guess a
lot of perspectives could be attributed to exactly one person each.
And I'm not sure a collaborative approach would ever complete a 
version that everybody would be happy with...

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