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When I suggested things to say about Approval strategy yesterday, I should have given different

1. Approval strategy is simpler than that of any other voting system. It's much simpler than Plurality strategy.
Plurality strategy is a horrendously complicated and difficult guessing-game.

2. In Approval, just vote for your favorite, and also for whomever you think you likely need as a compromise. In Plurality, you now vote for whom
you think you need as a compromise. Do so in Approval too, by giving them an approval--but now you can also approve everyone better as well,
including your favorite. Note that if you don't know exactly which candidate you need for compromise, or which one the other voters like
you will vote for, you can approve a whole set of candidates for compromise, &/or because they're favorites. 

3. What was said above is sufficient, but, if you want more detail regarding how far to compromise (detail that would be pretty much
impossible to feasibly have in Plurality), then consider the _optional_ simple strategy suggestions listed below. You wouldn't use them all. 
If you use one, you'd use only one of them--the one appropriate for the information or feel that you have about the election.

Again, note that this doesn't amount to a complication added by Approval voting. What was said in paragraphs 1 and 2 corresponds to,
and replaces, what you now do in Plurality. The interesting but simple strategies below are optional strategies for guiding your choice
of how far you compromise. The only reason you don't hear about such strategy suggestions for Plurality is that they'd be humungously
, prohibitively, complicated for Plurality.

[Then would be listed the Approval strategy suggestions that I listed yesterday]

Mike Ossipoff

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