[EM] [MG] Public parties: a Trojan Horse in the party system

Ed Pastore epastore at metagovernment.org
Wed Jul 18 16:23:17 PDT 2012

Michael, I am re-reading your original proposal more carefully, and I think I get stuck here:

> The public party strives to increase its primary turnout by all means.
> This includes mirroring the votes of would-be competitors (other
> public parties) such that turnout is effectively pooled among them.

How can this mirroring be accomplished without duplication of votes? Most current formal elections (including primaries) are anonymous, and rely on a controlled registration process. If you are aggregating these controlled elections along with less-controlled input from many other sources, isn't it possible for some people to vote many times (or at least twice), while others with less energy/time/knowledge/etc. would have fewer votes (or perhaps just one)?

Alternately, if the anonymous election is assumed to always be redundant with other mirrored systems, then isn't it meaningless to the vote mirror?

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