[EM] Conceiving a Democratic Electoral Process

Fred Gohlke fredgohlke at verizon.net
Sun Jul 15 15:23:41 PDT 2012

Good Afternoon, Kristofer

re: "Strictly speaking, clones are candidates that are so alike
      each other that every voter ranks them next to each other
      (but not necessarily in the same order)."


     "More generally speaking, a clone could be considered a
      candidate that's very close to an already existing candidate
      and whose presence changes who wins."

Thank you.  That's a clear explanation.

Even allowing for my general ignorance of the topic, cloning seems to be 
more significant for multi-party systems than for the two-party system 
that dominates U. S. politics.

Nah.  I guess that opinion is wrong.  In the U. S., a third party 
probably can't avoid cloning some portion of a major party candidate. 
If so, eliminating clones probably increases the distance from a 
two-party system to a multi-party system. Anyway, wouldn't we be better 
served by conceiving a way to advocate the common interest instead of 
worrying about whether or not a clone will harm the parochial interests 
of partisans?


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