[EM] Conceiving a Democratic Electoral Process (Primary Thoughts)

Fred Gohlke fredgohlke at verizon.net
Fri Jul 6 10:10:36 PDT 2012

Good Morning, Michael

I think I understand your point.  Before I comment on it, I'd like to 
mention that the example of an assertive, strong-willed non-partisan was 
probably of minor importance.  The point was that, in any single primary 
election, if such an individual participated in conjunction with a 
party, it could only be with one party in any one election, and 
association with the group would affect both the person and the group. 
However, that may be, it is a digression from the line of thought you 
were suggesting.

It seems to me the point you're making (and, for goodness sake, correct 
me if I've bollixed it) is that, if we are to eliminate partisan control 
of government, we must first understand the source of party power.

Parties are able to exercise control because only party members are 
allowed to vote on the selection of candidates for public office.  To 
correct this state of affairs, we must use our imaginations to go beyond 
what we can see and imagine that it's possible to lift that restriction. 
  If we can imagine that, if voting by non-partisans were allowed, the 
party would lose control.  The implication is that, to eliminate the 
power of parties, we must find a way to remove that exclusivity.

I would like to comment on this, but want to be sure my understanding is 
correct before I do so.  Please let me know.


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