[EM] Majority-Judgement using adjectives versus alphabetical scales versus numerical ranges.

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	¿How fare you?

	Since I want to reply to all responses without writing a a gzillion posts, I write 1 response to all.  I shall not name names because I always forget to list the name of good contributors, thus accidentally ignoring them, and when I give a bad post as an example and cite the poster, it leads to bad blood:


	¿What is with all of the people top-posting?:


	It is a good thing that “Weird Al” Yankovic is not on this list because he caps brain-dead me-too AOLers like Old Yeller:



	I received some strange suggestions for ranges:

	*	Negative -10 to positive +10
	*	Negative -5 to positive +5
	*	Negative -100 to positive +100
	*	1 to 5
	*	1 to 10
	*	1 to 100

	If we shall use 2-digit numbers like 10, we might as well use all 2-digit numbers up to 99.  Otherwise, one should just go to 9 and stop.  If we have 100, we might as well go to 999 or stop at 99.

	Stopping at 5 makes no sense.  If we use 1-digit numbers, we should use all 1-digit numbers.

	The ranges starting with 1 have 3 terrible things wrong them:

	0.	If we use positive real number, ¡I want to give that fascist a 0!  ¡Giving that jerk 1 point is 1 point too many!
	1.	If we use a certain sized digit-range, we should use all of the range.
	2.	With the ratings starting at 1, the voters might get confused and rank instead of rate with the best candidates rated at 1 and the worst at n which is backwards.

	This is my preferred range:

	Negative -99 to positive +99


	Some believe that we should use adjectives instead of letters because the voters understand that better.  This may be true in France, but is _“*NOT*”_ true in the United States Of America:

	In the United States Of America, over the course of a dozen years, teachers grade students on the scale of from A+ to F- over 10 thousand times.  Americans have had this scale pounded into their heads so many times that they understand it all too well.

	I imagine that, for Americans, using adjectives should be harder than using the alphabetical scale of A+ though F-.


	1/4 of the population of England should get grades in the Fs because they are illiterate and innumerate.  ;-)  Just kidding.  We have our problems with education in America too.



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