[EM] A nicer statement of CMJ

Jameson Quinn jameson.quinn at gmail.com
Mon Dec 31 13:11:21 PST 2012

In discussion with Michael Ossipoff, I realized that there's a better way
to state CMJ¹  than just stating the algebraic tiebreaker formula. So
here's the full definition of CMJ, using my new statement:

"Each voter grades each candidate from A to F. Voters may give as many or
as few of each grade as they want. Then each candidate's grades are put in
order and the similar grades are evenly spread out. For instance, grades of
B (3.0) are evenly spread over a continuum between B+ (3.5) and B- (2.5).
Then the middle (or median) grade for each candidate is their final score,
and the best one wins."


¹The CMJ acronym formerly meant "continuous majority judgment", but given
this statement, I'm thinking it should be renamed to "continuum majority
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