[EM] Richard: Approval vs Condorcet.

Jameson Quinn jameson.quinn at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 12:26:53 PDT 2012

2012/4/29 Michael Ossipoff <email9648742 at gmail.com>

> What happened to Richard's promise to not read my postings? :-)
> Instead of continuing to repeat that he doesn't read them, maybe it would
> be better
> if he could actually llve up to that promise.
>  Given Richard's particularly low level of discussion, that of a common
> Internet flamewarrior,
> it would definitely be better not to hear from Richard. Richard's presence
> lowers the quality
> of EM discussion, and I would thank him to stay out of my discussions.

If you have to make it personal, please send it personally. This list is
for ideas, not grudge matches, please. That goes for both of you, of
course, and I'll try to live up to it myself, even if I've maybe slipped in
the past.

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