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Dear Mr. Ossipoff and colleagues,

Thank you for your help.  Clearly, I will not be able to function as a moderator of these article discussions because I am very new to most of this material.  But from my perspective, the conversations have been very helpful.  I think it is important for me to point out one thing that I should have pointed out earlier.  On Democracy Chronicles, I have already posted the first article of the series "EXCLUSIVE: Democracy Chronicles Interviews Election Experts".  If you go to the website's home page, you will see that the article appears in the top right section with large scrolling pictures.  Eventually, the article will move town the page into the "Voting Laws" section but it will always be displayed with a picture and WITHOUT an article author posted.  The article author in this case is Democracy Chronicles.  However, it is important to note that I plan to have Mr. Ossipoff's article, which is not directly related to the interview series, in a
 different section altogether.  Mr. Ossipoff's article will appear in the top left section on the front page without a picture and with his name attached as the author (pictures will be included within the article).   This is important because it signifies the fact that the article is tied to Mr. Ossipoff by name just like my own personal articles and those of co-founder Sean Stevens.  Does this makes sense to everyone?  I had not made this clear to Mr. Ossipoff as well.  Is this ok with you, Mr. Ossipoff? Thank you again for all your help!

Best regards,

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