[EM] ICT definition. Presumed Kemeny definition.

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Hi Kristofer,

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>On 04/23/2012 10:32 PM, Michael Ossipoff wrote:
>> ICT:
>> Kevin Venzke proposed ICA. Improved-Condorcet-Approval.
>> ICA  passes FBC. The part of ICA that ICT uses is the Improved Condorcet
>> part. But instead of completing IC with
>> Approval, it completes it by electing the IC winner ranked top on the
>> most ballots.
>> ICT was introduced by Chris Benham. He gave it a longer name with longer
>> abbreviation-initials. I'm calling it ICT,
>> consistent with Keven Venzke's naming of ICA.
>What's the advantage of ICT over ICA?
I'm pretty sure Mike judges ICT to be defection-resistant while ICA isn't.

Maybe predictably, I am a bit afraid of ICT because I don't think it's good for voters to be
able to thwart another candidate's CW status, by ranking candidate Z over him, without the
voter having to support Z in some sense during the cycle-breaker.

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