[EM] Error-correction: ICT's FBC isn't obvious enough to recommend ICT.

Michael Ossipoff email9648742 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 13:55:55 PDT 2012

I said, a few minutes ago, that if I could decree the voting system use
here, then I'd decree that it be ICT.

But that's assuming that people understand or believe our assurance that
there's no reason to favorite-bury. A recommendation or decree of
ICT would only be a good idea for an electorate who understand or believe
our assurance of its FBC compliance.

Regrettably, many people probably wouldn't believe that, wouldn't trust it,
because it isn't obvious.
We don't have the electorate for which I'd decree ICT or to whom I'd
recommend ICT.

So I must retract my statement that ICT is what I'd decree. If the choice
of voting system were up to me,
I'd choose Approval.

...because, in Approval, it's transparently obvious to all, that there's no
reason to favorite-bury. That transparent obviousness
is due to Approval's elegant simplicity.

Mike Ossipoff
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