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fsimmons at pcc.edu fsimmons at pcc.edu
Fri Apr 29 11:53:35 PDT 2011


I would call it Andy's chiastic score method, because each candidate's score is
determined by the point where the line given by the equation y=x crosses the
graph of the relation

x = the percentage of ballots which rate the candidate at least  y percent of
the max range value.

This method can be generalized by replacing the line y=x with any monotonic
graph that connects the corner points (0, 0) and (100, 100) of the square
determined by these diagonally opposite corners.

A limiting case in which the line y=x is replaced by the lower and right sides
of this square is particularly simple:

Elect the candidate whose lowest rating (over all ballots) is greatest.

In case of a tie at level r, among the tied candidates elect the one with the
greatest number of ballots rating her above r.

It follows from this tie breaking rule that if no candidate is rated above
bottom on all ballots, the candidate with the greatest number of above bottom
ratings wins.

If instead of this deterministic tie breaking rule ties were broken by random
ballot, then this limiting method would be a nice solution to Jobst's  consensus
method challenge.

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