[EM] legislature size

Warren Smith warren.wds at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 14:56:30 PDT 2011

here's an idea.  Find out how many bills a typical legislator writes
that make it to a floor vote.  If this number if below 1, then the
legislature is too large.  (Course, there are bullshit do-nothing
bills galore.  Some way need to be found to exclude them.)

If a legislature is to debate each substantive bill for 1 day, that means
there can be at most 365 substantive bills per year.   Actually thanks
to weekends, vacations, etc, more like 250.   That means, if there are
any more than 250 congressmen, then at least one of them will be
unable to write a substantive bill each year.

So I conclude legislature size ought to be capped at 250 or less.

Warren D. Smith
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