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Unfortunately I don't have time to study it now, but a quick perusal
makes it seem written in a clear, easily-understood style of writing.

Am I to assume that this method solves the problem of irrelevant
alternatives (the spoiler problem) in all cases unlike both plurality
and IRV?

I do not know what "clone-independent" means (perhaps I should by now).



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> Hallo,
> I have uploaded a new version of my paper
> "A New Monotonic, Clone-Independent, ...":
> http://m-schulze.webhop.net/schulze1.pdf
> I have shortened my paper from 167 pages
> to 64 pages. The new version is simpler
> and more stringent than the old version
> (because, in the new version, I use one
> and only one heuristic for the Schulze
> method). The proofs are simpler because
> I moved the random ballot tie-breaker
> from section 2 to section 5.
> Markus Schulze

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