[EM] Greatest Majority is the future of elections

Sand W b4peas at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 3 08:30:22 PDT 2010

I just joined this list and some of it is kind of bewildering.

1-what is your goal for elections?  I would assume that it is to have the best govt. which presumably can be identified as the system of govt. supported by the most people.

2- Since there will probably be more than one exclusive/competing policy/candidate supporter by more than a majority we can call this goal "GREATEST majority voting."
3- Thus the goal would be determine the best or at least better structure of govt./voting to require the greatest majority support possible.

4-This would probably be a combination of local representatives and executives elected by ranked ballots, "ranked pairs" if possible, but that counting the system is not realistically practical and the IRV counting system is realistically equivalent.

I suggest the ranked voting forum for debate: http://4gmv.org/

We would rather not have any new govt. policies unless, at least, the greatest majority of the population agrees that it hopefully be the best govt. policy.

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