[EM] Proportional Representation Systems I'd Support

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Thu Mar 25 15:34:33 PDT 2010

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> It sounds more like a straightforward party list, only that the
> composition within each bloc is determined by a (majoritarian) vote.
> Each ballot has a default vote order, but the voter can alter it by
> adding support to a candidate and deleting other candidates.
> The general scheme would then be: party list with some majoritarian
> method determining the internal composition. Each party gets as many
> seats as the party list method says they're entitled to, then the
> majoritarian method allocates candidates within those "blocs".

Now that sounds like a GREAT method if:
1. the voter can vote for one party
2. the voter can rank members within that party (say up to 3 members
to keep the ballot doable)
3. the voters' consensus ranking of members within that party is
decided using the Condorcet method.

I like it. A fair proportional representation system that is
precinct-summable, monotonic, and finds Condorcet winners within each
party's list.


> As long as the majoritarian method is summable, the entire thing should
> be summable as well. For instance, one could devise a method where the
> internal vote is Condorcet, each party ballot having a default ordering
> that can be overridden by the voter.

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