[EM] Condorcet How?

Markus Schulze markus.schulze at alumni.tu-berlin.de
Tue Mar 23 03:48:14 PDT 2010

Dear Robert,

> Terry Bouricius is also a Burlington resident
> and is known in Burlington for being the primary
> promoter of IRV (i think that's right, ain't it
> Terry?).  i didn't see him at the debate, but
> Rep. Mark Larson and someone from League of
> Women Voters were on the pro- IRV side and they
> didn't come fightin', in my opinion.  and part
> of the problem is that *they* didn't really
> understand or acknowledge the cascade of
> anomalies that resulted when the IRV election
> fails to elect the Condorcet winner as it did
> in 2009.

Here are some videos with Terry Bouricius:


Terry's main argument against the adoption
of Condorcet methods is that they aren't
used in governmental elections (first video,
00:24:04 -- 00:25:36).

Markus Schulze

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