[EM] Smith, FPP fails Minimal Defense and Clone-Winner

Chris Benham cbenhamau at yahoo.com.au
Wed Mar 10 05:59:24 PST 2010

Robert Bristow-Johnson  wrote (9 March 2010):

"so, keeping RP, Schulze in mind for later, what would be a "good"  
scheme for resolving cycles by use of elimination of candidates?   
what would be a "good" (that is resistant to more anomalies) and  
simple method to identify the "weakest candidate" (in the Smith set)  
to eliminate and run the beats-all tabulation again? i'm not saying  
elimination is a good way to do it, but it might be easier to sell to  
neanderthal voters.

r b-j"

I recommend Smith//Approval(ranking):
*Voters rank from the top candidates they "approve". Equal-ranking is allowed. 
Interpreting being ranked above at least one other candidate as approval, elect the most 
approved member of the Smith set (the smallest non-empty set  S of candidates that pairwise
beat all the outside-S candidates).*

I don't think this is very hard to explain or sell.

Who do you think should win this election?

25: A>B
26: B>C
23: C>A
26: C

C>A 75-25,  A>B 49-26,  B>C 51-49
Chris Benham


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